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​This article will guide bar candidates who sat for the July 2019 bar examination through the process of application and admission to the bar on January 8, 2020.  If all required documents are not postmarked by October 1st, the next scheduled bar admission ceremony is June 15, 2020.

Fillable forms are available from the Bar Admissions OfficePlease note that the forms that you submit to the Court should not be printed double sided.

This Court will admit to practice successful bar candidates on January 8, 2020.  In order to be eligible for admission in January, your completed application and all required affidavits and certificates must be postmarked on or before October 1, 2019.  Please be advised that if you miss the deadline date, the next scheduled bar admission ceremony is June 15, 2020.

In addition, please note that candidates will not be eligible for admission at the January bar admission ceremony if they take the New York Law Exam in December and will not be eligible for admission at the June bar admission ceremony if they take the New York Law exam in June.  

In order to comply with the October 1st deadline, you should begin the process of assembling and completing the application immediately; do not wait for notification from the State Board of Law Examiners that you have passed the bar examination; you may supplement your application with a copy of the official certification from the State Board when you receive it.   

There is generally a delay of several weeks in obtaining responses from legal employers, law schools and moral character affirmants, so you are advised to send these forms out immediately.

Please note that law schools may forward completed certificates directly to this office; all other required papers must be submitted as part of your complete application.


You should carefully examine all documents for accuracy and completeness and, with respect to affidavits, check to ensure that the venue, signature, stamp or seal and expiration date of the notary’s commission are affixed.  Your application must be signed and your signature must be notarized.  Please consider that your application will be reviewed by a Justice of the Appellate Division and will be permanently filed with this Court.  Consequently, the application should be assembled properly, and in the event that any portions are handwritten, the writing should be neat and legible.  You are strongly encouraged to keep a copy of your complete application for your records.

Upon receipt of your complete application, this Court will forward it for review by the appropriate Committee on Character and Fitness.  The Committees will conduct group interview sessions in each judicial district in late November or early  December 2019.  Applicants who have filed complete applications will be notified in writing of the specific date and location of the interview session that they should attend.  Please do not contact this office for information regarding the interview.

Finally, please be reminded that failure to comply with the filing deadline will delay your admission.  Only timely and complete applications will be forwarded to the Character and Fitness Committees.


1. If, subsequent to your application to the State Board of Law Examiners for permission to take the bar examination, you have changed your residence or obtained employment in another judicial department in this State, you should promptly notify the Board of Law Examiners.

2. Applicants who have previously filed an application that was verified more than 45 days prior to the date of the Notice of Certification from the State Board of Law Examiners must file, with a copy of the certification, a supplemental affidavit stating whether there have been any changes in the facts stated therein and setting forth such changes.  A new application is not required.

3. Applicants who are seeking to transfer applications to another judicial department (see CPLR 9403 [1]) should promptly forward to this office an affidavit, under proper venue and caption, stating concisely the applicant’s complete address at the time of the application to take the bar examination, a current complete address, and the reason for the requested transfer.  Intra-departmental changes of residence or mailing address should be promptly communicated to this office.

4. Naturalization certificates need not be forwarded to this office.

5. We are enclosing a summary checklist.  Please return the completed checklist with your application.

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