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No arguments are scheduled for today.

Images and video recordings of the Court’s Justices on the Court’s website or elsewhere may not be used to advance non-news private interests or in furtherance of any non-news commercial purpose (see Advisory Committee on Judicial Ethics Op. 20-158; see generally 22 NYCRR 100.2 [C], 100.4 [D] [3]).


To protect the privacy interests of individuals in matters before the Court, and the need to protect litigants, particularly children, from harm, those persons appearing for oral argument may not disclose:

  • an individual's social-security number or taxpayer-identification number;
  • date of an individual's birth;
  • name of an individual known to be a minor;
  • or a financial-account number.

Any person responsible for such disclosure at oral argument must report such disclosure to the receptionist immediately following their argument before the Court.

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Availability of Archives

Within three business days archived arguments are generally made available for public viewing. Videos may not be published in the order in which they were recorded.

To protect the privacy interests of individuals in matters before the Court certain archives may not be made available for public viewing -- a notation will be made in place of the video.

ADA Video Accessibility

If you are unable to access the archive of a particular argument because of a disability, please contact Alan Ross, Deputy Clerk of the Court and the Court’s designated ADA Liaison (by e-mail at or by telephone at 585-530-3102), to request a reasonable accommodation.

Upcoming oral arguments:

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