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How to Check your Voicemail to Email

When a caller leaves a voicemail, the message is automatically delivered to you via email as a WAV file attachment – the voicemail indicator light on the phone will NOT illuminate.  Voicemail to email is configured by default for all employees who were hired after March 2020.  Any employee hired prior to that may request their mailbox be upgraded to have their voicemail messages delivered to their court issued email account.

The Microsoft Spam Mail filter has a tendency to move messages from the voicemail system to your junk mail folder by default.  If you have not done so already, add an exception to your junk mail filter in Outlook.

1. Locate the Message in your Outlook Inbox

2. Open the Message.

3. Double Click the WAV file.

How to Prevent Voicemail Messages from Going to your Junk Mail folder in Outlook

1. From the HOME tab in Outlook, Click on the JUNK menu and choose JUNK EMAIL OPTIONS:

2. From the JUNK EMAIL OPTIONS pop-up window, Click the SAFE SENDERS tab and then click ADD:

3. Type in and then click OK:

4. Click OK again to exit the junk email options window.

How to Check your Traditional Voicemail

1. From any phone dial 585.530.3030 to connect to CallPilot.

2. Enter your mailbox number and password.

Your mailbox number is your 5-digit extension.

3. From the main menu PRESS 5 to listen to your messages.

While a message is playing:

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