The VPN establishes a direct-connection to CourtNet.
All resources on CourtNet (applications, intranet sites, servers, etc) can be directly accessed from a laptop or mobile device.

First Time Login

Before you are able to use your VPN account you will need to complete the one-time setup -- It takes approximately five minutes and requires you have both your laptop and smart phone handy.


  1. Download the Microsoft Authenticator App onto your Mobile Device
  2. Login to Your VPN Account from a Web Browser on the Computer :
  3. Follow the On-Screen Instructions to complete the setup.

Detailed Step-By-Step:

See Also: How to Login to SSLVPN (from a non-court issued computer)

From the Desktop of the Computer

Have your Mobile Device with the Authenticator App open on the screen.

Ensure you have an internet connection (typically your WiFi)

  1. Double Click the Pulse Icon in the Task Bar
  2. Click Connect for the AD-Pulse Connection
  3. Enter the User Name and Password (if prompted)
  4. Enter the 6-Digit "Secondary Token" from the Authenticator App on your Mobile Device

Lost, Stolen or Replaced Smart Phone

You contact the helpdesk to reset the account so that a new 2FA key can be generated.

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