How to Place a Call:

  1. Lift the handset or press the "speaker" key.
  2. Dial the number
    • To call another extension in the building dial the 5-digit extension only "XXXXX"
    • To call a local external number dial 9 + the 7-digit number
    • To call long-distance dial 9 + 1 + the 10-digit number

Feature Guide:


This is used to save one telephone number on a specific button.

To Program - Without lifting the handset press the AUTODIAL button and enter the telephone number to save, exactly the way it is dialed including 9 if it is an outside call. Press AUTO DIAL a second time to save the entry.

To Use - Lift the handset or press the button next to your extension and press the AUTODIAL button.


Press the CALL FORWARD button. Enter the 5 digit number to forward the call to and press the CALL FORWARD button again. Press again to cancel.

If you'd like to forward to an outside line, use 9 + 1 + area code + phone number


  1. Make or receive the first call.
  2. Press the CONFERENCE button. Your first call is on hold automatically.
  3. Dial the number to conference in and announce the conference.
  4. Press the CONFERENCE button to join all three parties.
    • Repeat process to add more people. Up to six people total including yourself.
    • If you don’t reach the person you were trying to call, hit the release key which has a picture of a handset with an arrow pointing down. This will then allow you to go back to the parties on hold by pressing your extension key.


To make a handsfree call select a free extension without lifting the handset. Dial the call as normal. If on an existing call press the HANDSFREE/MUTE button and hang up the handset. Lifting the handset will turn off the speaker.


Lift the handset and press the extension key that is lit. Or press your extension key twice without lifting the handset.


Pressing the Menu button (This looks like the Globe with arrows) allows access to phone features such as volume, different ringers and display format.


If you belong to a Pick Up group, you may answer any phone that is ringing in your group by pressing the Pick Up key.


While on a call press the PARK key, note the number in the display It will be a 5 digit number, press the PARK key again. To pick up the parked call, go to any phone, pick-up the handset and Dial the 5 digit number that was in the display.


  1. Press the TRANSFER button and dial the number to transfer to.
  2. Announce the call and press the TRANSFER button again.
  3. Hang up or press the RLS button.
  4. To transfer without announcing the call press the TRANSFER button and dial the number to transfer to and press the TRANSFER button again.