Judges and staff may submit a profile picture for the following services:

  • Intranet Staff Directory
  • Outlook / Skype / Teams Address Book
  • Public Website (where applicable)

Table of Contents:

Select an Appropriate Photo

Acceptance Criteria

Submitted photos must be professional in nature and generally conform to the guidelines below.

Choose a photo that:

  • Shows only you — no other people are visible
  • Standing in front of a smooth, light background, such as a white wall.
  • Shows a head-and-shoulders view, with the entire face, both eyes, and hair clearly visible
  • Is properly focused with no dark spots or shadows

Avoid photos where:

  • One or both of your eyes are not visible or blocked (for example, if you are wearing sunglasses)
  • Multiple faces are shown in the photo and your face is not visible or recognizable.
  • Poor photo quality makes the person shown unrecognizable.
  • Some or all of your head is cut off in the photo.


  • Too Dark
  • Not Facing the Camera
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat

Submit Photos Here:

Service Desk Portal: https://ad4.nycourts.gov/jira/servicedesk/customer/portal/16/create/257

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