Data stored on your PC is not backed up.

All data on the network is automatically archived several times a day and backed up each night.

Data Recovery

There are a few fundamental situations in which most users find themselves at one time or another when working with documents.

  • Forgetting to save work
  • Accidental file deletion
  • Accidentally overwriting a file
  • File corruption.

Recovering a Deleted File

  1. Navigate to the folder in which the deleted file had been stored.
  2. Position the cursor over a blank space in the folder. If the cursor hovers over a file, that file will be selected.
  3. Right-click the mouse and select [Properties] from the bottom of the menu. Select the [Previous Versions] tab.
  4. Select the version of the folder that contains the file before it was deleted, and then click [Open/View].
  5. View the folder and [select the file] that will be recovered.
  6. Drag and drop, or cut and paste, the shadow copy to the desktop or folder on the end user’s local machine.

Recovering an Overwritten or Corrupted File

  1. Right-click the overwritten or corrupted file and click [Properties].
  2. Select [Previous Versions].
    • If you want to view the old version, click [View].
    • To copy the old version to another location, click [Copy].
    • To replace the current version with the older version, click [Restore].

Recovering a file that was never saved.

Contact the [ HELPDESK ]. More often that not, the file is lost. In limited circumstances we may be able to help.

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