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Hearsay - When To Object And How To Respond (96 mins.)
Presented by Professor Michael J. Hutter of the Albany Law School on Thu Jul 15 2021 in Rochester

 1.5 Credit Hour(s)  Evidence

Trial Skills for AFCs: Direct Examination and Cross Examination of Expert Witnesses in FCA Article 3, 6, and 10 Cases (127 mins.)
Presented by Lawrence Jay Braunstein, Esq. Braunstein & Zuckerman, Esqs. White Plains, New York on Thu May 13 2021 in Rochester

 2 Credit Hour(s)  Cross Examination  Child Welfare  Evidence  JD  Forensics  Custody

Evidence & Trial Tactics For The AFC In Article 6 Proceedings
Presented by Jennifer Powers Rutkey on Wed Dec 02 2020 in Albany

 1 Credit Hour(s)  Evidence  Custody

Evidence for Attorneys for Children (75 mins.)
Presented by Barbara King, Esq., Partner, Tully Rinckey, PLLC Albany, NY on Thu May 16 2019 in Utica

 1.5 Credit Hour(s)  Evidence

Panel Presentation: Responding to the Opposing Parties Strategies and Aggressive Behavior of Parents (53 mins.)
Presented by S. Bentivegna, Ph.D., et al on Tue Oct 31 2017 in Geneseo

 1 Credit Hour(s)  Forensics  Evidence  Cross Examination

Social Media Evidence: Discovery and Admissibility (75 mins.)
Presented by Prof. Michael J. Hutter on Fri May 12 2017 in New Hartford

 1.5 Credit Hour(s)  Evidence  Social Media

Trial Preparation in Family Court Matters (89 mins.)
Presented by Cynthia Carroll Nolan, Esq. on Thu Mar 23 2017 in Rochester

 1.5 Credit Hour(s)  Cross Examination  Evidence  Forensics

Preparing Your Client for a Lincoln Hearing (58 mins.)
Presented by Michele Brown, Esq. on Thu Mar 23 2017 in Rochester

 1 Credit Hour(s)  Custody  Evidence

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