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Trans-Affirming Legal Advocacy For Transgender & Gender Diverse Youth (132 mins.)
Presented by Amy Schwartz-Wallace, Esq. Lettie Dickerson, Esq. Carolyn Wolf-Gould, M.D. Mallory Livingston, Esq. Katie E. Woodruff, Esq. on Wed May 11 2022 in Albany, New York

 2 Credit Hour(s)  Diversity & Inclusion  Ethics  Mental Health  Special Populations

Ethical Issues for the AFC When Communicating and When Making a Record (93 mins.)
Presented by Gary Solomon, Esq. Director of Legal Support The Legal Aid Society, Juvenile Rights Practice New York City on Thu Apr 14 2022 in Rochester

 1.5 Credit Hour(s)  Appeals  Ethics

Policing as Trauma: Litigating Race Adolescence and Trauma in a Juvenile Delinquency Case (116 mins.)
Presented by Professor Kristin Henning Georgetown University Law Center The Blume Professor of Law & Director of the Juvenile Justice Clinic and Initiative on Tue Feb 23 2021 in Albany

 2 Credit Hour(s)  JD  Diversity & Inclusion  Ethics

Juvenile Delinquency 2020 Year-End Review (91 mins.)
Presented by Prof. Randy Hertz on Wed Dec 09 2020 in Albany

 1.5 Credit Hour(s)  Ethics  JD  JD: Raise the Age

Client Confidentiality And Conflicts of Interest (86 mins.)
Presented by Gary Solomon, Esq. on Thu Oct 15 2020 in Rochester

 1.5 Credit Hour(s)  Ethics

Safety & Sensitivity Issues for the LGBTQ Child Client (90 mins.)
Presented by Lettie Dickerson, Esq. and Amy Schwartz-Wallace, Esq. on Wed Sep 23 2020 in Albany

 1.5 Credit Hour(s)  Diversity & Inclusion  Ethics  Interviewing Children

Sibling Group Conflicts and Other Ethical Issues (75 mins.)
Presented by Gary Solomon, Esq., Director of Legal Support, The Legal Aid Society, Juvenile Rights Practice, NYC on Thu May 16 2019 in Utica

 1.5 Credit Hour(s)  Ethics  Child Welfare  Custody

Role of the AFC and Ethical Considerations (30 mins.)
Presented by Katie E. Woodruff, Esq., Juvenile Justice Coordinator, Legal Aid Society of Rochester on Thu Apr 04 2019 in Rochester

 0.5 Credit Hour(s)  Ethics

An Overview of the Attorney Grievance Process and Ethical Pitfalls to Avoid (60 mins.)
Presented by Hon. Michael M. Mohun on Thu May 03 2018 in Buffalo

 1 Credit Hour(s)  Ethics

Client Confidentiality: What Information Is Confidential, When Can You Disclose It, etc. (79 mins.)
Presented by Gary Solomon, Esq. on Fri May 12 2017 in New Hartford

 1.5 Credit Hour(s)  Ethics

File Management and Document Retention - Best Practices for AFC (61 mins.)
Presented by Daniel Drake, Esq., Jon Stern, Esq. on Thu Mar 31 2016 in Rochester

 1 Credit Hour(s)  Ethics

Social Media and Online Activity: Law & Ethics for Legal Practitioners (92 mins.)
Presented by Prof. Robert A. Heverly on Fri May 30 2014 in Rochester

 1.5 Credit Hour(s)  Ethics  Social Media

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