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Trans-Affirming Legal Advocacy For Transgender & Gender Diverse Youth (132 mins.)
Presented by Amy Schwartz-Wallace, Esq. Lettie Dickerson, Esq. Carolyn Wolf-Gould, M.D. Mallory Livingston, Esq. Katie E. Woodruff, Esq. on Wed May 11 2022 in Albany, New York

 2 Credit Hour(s)  Diversity & Inclusion  Ethics  Mental Health  Special Populations

How the Legal Community Can Promote Racial and Gender Equality (58 mins.)
Presented by Rashida D. Cartwright-Thigpen, Esq. Senior Assistant County Attorney, Westchester County White Plains, NY McKenzie Berezin, Ph.D. Doctoral Fellow in Counseling Psychology, New York University New York, NY on Wed Nov 17 2021 in Rochester

 1 Credit Hour(s)  JD  JD: Raise the Age  Diversity & Inclusion

Policing as Trauma: Litigating Race Adolescence and Trauma in a Juvenile Delinquency Case (116 mins.)
Presented by Professor Kristin Henning Georgetown University Law Center The Blume Professor of Law & Director of the Juvenile Justice Clinic and Initiative on Tue Feb 23 2021 in Albany

 2 Credit Hour(s)  JD  Diversity & Inclusion  Ethics

Safety & Sensitivity Issues for the LGBTQ Child Client (90 mins.)
Presented by Lettie Dickerson, Esq. and Amy Schwartz-Wallace, Esq. on Wed Sep 23 2020 in Albany

 1.5 Credit Hour(s)  Diversity & Inclusion  Ethics  Interviewing Children

Autism Spectrum Disorders (90 mins.)
Presented by Kathy Ralabate Doody, Ph.D., Joseph W. Stadler, Esq., Theresa Guenther, Esq. on Fri Oct 25 2019 in Batavia

 1.5 Credit Hour(s)  Medical Issues  Special Populations  Diversity & Inclusion

Issues Affecting Children Who Live in Poverty (53 mins.)
Presented by Ann M. Johnson, Executive Director, ACT Rochester on Thu Sep 12 2019 in Geneseo

 1 Credit Hour(s)  Diversity & Inclusion  Special Populations

Black Youth and the Justice System (58 mins.)
Presented by Hon. Kevin M. Carter on Thu Oct 25 2018 in Batavia

 1 Credit Hour(s)  Special Populations  Diversity & Inclusion  JD  JD: Raise the Age

Representing Muslim Clients Respectfully and Well (75 mins.)
Presented by Sareer A. Fazili, Esq. on Thu Sep 28 2017 in Batavia

 1.5 Credit Hour(s)  Diversity & Inclusion  Special Populations

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