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Considering the Effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences ("ACES") on Parents and Children (123 mins.)
Presented by Hon. Richard Rivera Traci Gardner, MD Martin Irwin, MD Melissa Paul-Franklyn, Esq. on Wed Apr 10 2024 in New York, New York

 2 Credit Hour(s)  Child Welfare  Mental Health

Youth Part and JD Practice Seminar - Adolescent Brain Development (76 mins.)
Presented by Peter S. Martin, MD, MPH Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry University at Buffalo Buffalo, NY Mary Anne Connell, Esq. AFC Panel Member, Erie County Buffalo, NY on Fri Mar 22 2024 in Buffalo, New York

 1.5 Credit Hour(s)  JD  JD: Raise the Age  Mental Health

A View From the Bench: Best Practices for AFC in High Conflict Matrimonial Actions (67 mins.)
Presented by Hon. Kevin M. Nasca Supreme Court, Monroe County Rochester, New York on Thu Sep 21 2023 in Rochester, New York

 1 Credit Hour(s)  Custody  Views from the Bench  Mental Health

Entrenched Hatred in Family Law (59 mins.)
Presented by Hon. Mary G. Carney Family Court, Erie County Buffalo, New York Frank Alabiso, PhD Suburban Psychiatric Associates Amhert, New York on Thu Sep 21 2023 in Rochester, New York

 1 Credit Hour(s)  Custody  Domestic Violence  Mental Health  Views from the Bench

Attorney Wellness and Substance Abuse Control: Doing Nothing is Not An Option (86 mins.)
Presented by Terry Emmens, Esq. Partner, Barclay Damon, LLP Rochester, New York Matthew J. Fero, Esq. Partner, Fero & Caputo, LLP Rochester, New York Charles L. Montante, MS, CASAC, LMHC Senior Clinician, Westfall Associates, LLP Rochester, New York on Tue Jun 27 2023 in Rochester, New York

 1.5 Credit Hour(s)  Ethics  Medical Issues  Mental Health

Addressing the Child Mental Health Crisis: Identifying and Supporting Youth With Behavioral Health Needs (108 mins.)
Presented by Melissa Castle Heatly, Ph.D., Corey A. Nichols-Hadeed, J.D., Leah Hill, M.Ed, CASAC-T, Trisha Kilbourn, LCSW, on Wed Mar 15 2023 in Rochester, New York

 2 Credit Hour(s)  Interviewing Children  Mental Health  Medical Issues

Understanding Trauma in Child Survivors of Sexual Abuse (165 mins.)
Presented by The Hon. Wayne Humphrey, JFC Lorraine Ronca D.O., F.A.A.P., Dr. Traci Gardner, MD, Danielle Weisberg, LCSW, Ivory Bennett, National Advisory Council for Children's Legal Representation Karen Crandall, Esq., Attorney for the Child on Wed Jan 18 2023 in White Plains, New York

 2.5 Credit Hour(s)  Child Welfare  Domestic Violence  Ethics  Mental Health

Trans-Affirming Legal Advocacy For Transgender & Gender Diverse Youth (132 mins.)
Presented by Amy Schwartz-Wallace, Esq. Lettie Dickerson, Esq. Carolyn Wolf-Gould, M.D. Mallory Livingston, Esq. Katie E. Woodruff, Esq. on Wed May 11 2022 in Albany, New York

 2 Credit Hour(s)  Diversity & Inclusion  Ethics  Mental Health  Special Populations

Self Wellness for the AFC (143 mins.)
Presented by M. Elizabeth (Libby) Coreno, Esq. General Counsel of Bonacio Construction, Inc., Law Office of M. Elizabeth Coreno, Esq., P.C., Saratoga Springs NY and Kerry Murray O'Hara, Psy.D., Clinical Psychologist Saratoga Springs, NY on Wed Nov 10 2021 in Albany, New York

 2.5 Credit Hour(s)  Mental Health

Effects of Opioid Addiction on Family Dynamics (78 mins.)
Presented by Richard D. Blondell, MD, Professor & Vice Chair for Addiction Medicine, University at Buffalo on Fri May 03 2019 in Buffalo

 1.5 Credit Hour(s)  Medical Issues  Mental Health  Domestic Violence

Youth Suicide Prevention - What Every AFC Needs to Know (60 mins.)
Presented by Jeanne Elmer, LMSW, Garra Lloyd-Lester on Wed Oct 22 2014 in Syracuse

 1 Credit Hour(s)  Mental Health

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