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A View From the Bench: Best Practices for AFC in High Conflict Matrimonial Actions (67 mins.)
Presented by Hon. Kevin M. Nasca Supreme Court, Monroe County Rochester, New York on Thu Sep 21 2023 in Rochester, New York

 1 Credit Hour(s)  Custody  Views from the Bench  Mental Health

Entrenched Hatred in Family Law (59 mins.)
Presented by Hon. Mary G. Carney Family Court, Erie County Buffalo, New York Frank Alabiso, PhD Suburban Psychiatric Associates Amhert, New York on Thu Sep 21 2023 in Rochester, New York

 1 Credit Hour(s)  Custody  Domestic Violence  Mental Health  Views from the Bench

Custody Modification Proceedings: Issues to Keep in Mind
Presented by Veronica Reed, Esq. Law Office of Veronica Reed Schenectady Panel Member, Albany, Fulton, Schenectady & Schoharie Counties on Wed Jul 13 2022 in Albany

 1.5 Credit Hour(s)  Custody

Addressing Issues that Arise When Interviewing or Attempting to Interview Children: A Panel Discussion (87 mins.)
Presented by Michele Brown, Esq. Courtney Radick, Esq. Rachel Mitchell, Esq. Mary Kay Yanik, Esq. on Tue Jun 07 2022 in Rochester

 1.5 Credit Hour(s)  Interviewing Children  Custody

Equitable Estoppel Overview - What is it, when it applies, and how it works (84 mins.)
Presented by Hon. Adam D. Michelini Supervising Judge of the Family Courts Fourth Judicial District Fort Edward, New York on Wed Mar 16 2022 in Albany, New York

 1.5 Credit Hour(s)  Custody  Views from the Bench

Recent Developments in Children's Law: Case Law and Legislative Update (94 mins.)
Presented by Gary Solomon, Esq. Director of Legal Support The Legal Aid Society, Juvenile Rights Practice New York City on Thu Jan 20 2022 in Albany

 1.5 Credit Hour(s)  Case Law Updates  Child Welfare  Custody  JD: Raise the Age

The Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC): What a Family Court Practitioner Should Know (93 mins.)
Presented by Stephen Pennypacker, Esq. and Jonathan D. Conant, Esq. on Thu May 20 2021 in Albany

 1.5 Credit Hour(s)  Custody

Trial Skills for AFCs: Direct Examination and Cross Examination of Expert Witnesses in FCA Article 3, 6, and 10 Cases (127 mins.)
Presented by Lawrence Jay Braunstein, Esq. Braunstein & Zuckerman, Esqs. White Plains, New York on Thu May 13 2021 in Rochester

 2 Credit Hour(s)  Cross Examination  Child Welfare  Evidence  JD  Forensics  Custody

Evidence & Trial Tactics For The AFC In Article 6 Proceedings
Presented by Jennifer Powers Rutkey on Wed Dec 02 2020 in Albany

 1 Credit Hour(s)  Evidence  Custody

Sibling Group Conflicts and Other Ethical Issues (75 mins.)
Presented by Gary Solomon, Esq., Director of Legal Support, The Legal Aid Society, Juvenile Rights Practice, NYC on Thu May 16 2019 in Utica

 1.5 Credit Hour(s)  Ethics  Child Welfare  Custody

Custody and Visitation and Related Ethical Issues (75 mins.)
Presented by Michele A. Brown, Esq., Chief Attorney for the Child, Children's Legal Center, Buffalo on Fri Apr 05 2019 in Rochester

 1.5 Credit Hour(s)  Custody

Difficult-to-Interview Children: Who Are They - Strategies for Effective Interviewing (76 mins.)
Presented by Frank P. Alabiso, Ph.D. on Thu Oct 27 2016 in Batavia

 1.5 Credit Hour(s)  Interviewing Children  JD  PINS  Custody  Child Welfare

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